The Best Survival Knife in 2017

You know too well the benefits of carrying around a pocket knife or survival knife. Now, it’s about time that you choose from the best survival knife of 2017. The following knife will give you an idea on what should you buy and the best survival knife that is worth the shot.

Buck Knives Solo Folding Pocket Knife

This multi-functional pocket knife can suit every man’s needs. The small size of 3 inches is ideal so that you can easily slip it inside your jean’s pockets, and its sophisticated appearance will help you to ensure that even if you use if tor a dinner party, people won’t notice that it’s an essential tool for a survivalist. The blade is durable and high quality as it is made out of 41OJ2 steel and there’s no need for you to send it back to the manufacturer or factory to sharpen because you can always sharpen it by yourself.

Buck & Tops CSAR-T

This pocket knife can assure you of its high quality because it is a product produced by the Buck Knives and the CSAR-T. They are the well-known knife maker that produces incredibly-designed knives. On the other hand, Buck Knives is a reliable manufacturer of knife wherein you can get a sturdy and durable knife for only $85. Therefore, their combination came up with a very exceptional multi-functional survival knife.

Its tanto blade is made out of ATS-34 steel blade—one of the most high grade stainless steel in the market. It is sturdy and durable, it can even last for a lifetime if you take care of it properly. The only downside is that its corrosion resistance is kind of low and it is not recommended that you use this as a diving knife.

Aside from that, the condor sheath that you can find in this pocket knife is quite exceptional because you cannot always find it in any other pocket knife and it’s already great for the price that they are offering. This is a very ideal pocket knife if you are a law enforcement personnel.

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) M16

CRKT is a knife company based in Oregon. Most of their products are produced and manufactured in either Taiwan or China. Because they are producing knives overseas, they offer much cheaper price compared to other manufacturers. With just $32, you can have a very affordable yet sleek-looking pocket knife in your pocket every day.

The 3-inch blade is made out of AUS4 steel blade with black-coated spear tip. The main advantage of this pocket knife is that you can save a few dollars to own a very durable and reliable pocket knife.

Although the features of this knife are limited, it can give you a more stable feel against your hands. the grip material is made out of Zytel. Since it’s well made and designed, the lack of features and other components does not reduce the performance of this pocket knife.


Benchmade 581

If you are looking for a pocket knife that is really durable, good-looking, and reliable, then you should consider this 581 model. It’s a bit costly for $200 but you get to have a pocket knife that is made out of M390 super steel and the handle is made our aluminum to ensure tight grip. The Benchmade’s Axis patented assist lock is something that you wouldn’t missed.

However, because of its price it might not be a practical choice for most of the buyers who wanted to stick within their budget range. But rest assure that your investment will not go to nothing because of its features and the quality of this knife. It is ideal for hunting, diving, and other outdoor adventures or extreme activities because this knife is very handy.

Cold Steel Recon 1

The model Recon 1 is a specifically designed knife that features a AUS-8A Teflon black-coated blade in order to prevent it from glaring and make sure that it looks sturdy and tough. The clip point blade is perfect for stabbing anything and is very effective for self-defense. The blade is made out of high quality Japanese steel and with its 4 inches length, slicing, cutting, and dicing will be easier for you using this knife. It also features a thumb stub in order to open the blade easily without much hassle and you can adjust this stud if you want to. The only downside of this knife is that it sticks to the pocket of your pants, making it harder to shove and pull it outside your pocket when needed.

The featured survival knives must be on your list if you are going to shop for knives to buy. These knives are to be bought for a long-lasting usage and efficacy. Want some more? You can visit


6 safety tips for using your hunting knife

If you are the owner of a hunting knife you should know about a few certain safety tips first. But before you do familiarize yourself with the various safety guidelines of handling a hunting knife, you should also be aware of the fact that you must purchase one first. You can find a great hunting knife that is safe to handle if you go to After you have looked at the reviews there and decided on which hunting knife to buy, you must also keep in mind the following safety tips.

  1. Do not use your hunting knife while you are running. If you need to run after something, such as when you are chasing after your game animals, be sure to sheath your knife first before you start running around with it. An accident could happen, where you trip over something or bump into another person. And when that will happen you will be thankful that your hunting knife is properly covered and sheathed.
  2. Whenever you are actively using your hunting knife, you should make sure that the sharp edge of the blade not facing towards your body or the body of someone else. If you lose control of your knife and it flies out of your hand, then it would not harm anyone as long as the sharp edge of the blade is facing away from people. An example of this is when you are removing the skin from animals or scaling fish if your hands slip then at least the hunting knife will fall away from your body.
  3. You should also use your hunting knife with a regular motion. Do not use your hunting knife erratically or too fast. Slow and steady is much safer whenever you are using your hunting knife. You will get into fewer accidents, and you are almost more likely to do a proper job of skinning or cleaning your game if you are slow and careful with how you use your hunting knife.
  4. If your knife slips out of your grip or falls down from where you place it, do not try to catch it. Trying to catch a falling knife could spell disaster. Nothing will happen to your knife if it does fall down on the ground. So try to resist the urge to catch your knife if it falls on the ground.
  5. Always keep your hunting knife sheathed whenever you are not actively using it. Any kind of knife when left unsheathed is extremely dangerous. And someone could accidentally hurt themselves with an unsheathed knife. This is especially true with hunting knives because they are extremely sharp, and pose a real danger when left unsheathed.
  6. If you are using a hunting knife, be sure to place whatever you are working on in front of you. And do not keep your eyes away from whatever you are cutting or slicing up with your hunting knife. You will avoid accidents if you follow this one simple rule of hunting knife use.

While a hunting knife is a very useful tool to have when you go on a hunting trip it is nevertheless an extremely dangerous tool as well. If you do not want anyone to get hurt when you go outdoors with your hunting knife, you will need to practice all of these safety tips. You will get into much fewer accidents with your hunting knife if you do remember these tips. For anyone that is still searching for a safe and high-quality hunting knife, look no further than You should be able to find a lot of informative reviews about which hunting knives are worth buying.


1# Item You Need In Camping

Have you ever wondered what the number one item you would need when it comes to camping? If you have then you should know that it is something that almost everyone will agree with. The is something that you can’t not have because anyone whose anyone understands how important it is in their camping life. To prove even to you that with this everything will be much better in your camping experience. That is why you should continue reading.

When you are about to go camping there are a lot of things that you would need to ensure so you wouldn’t have a hard time with the experience. Yes there are a lot of things but you have to remember to not forget to bring the because with a pocket knife there are a lot of things that can be done. The pocket knife in camping is very useful that is why a lot of people has it with them and here are other reasons why a pocket knife is the number one item you will need.

  • When it comes to a pocket knife you would never find it unnecessary when you are out camping or even when you are out doing your everyday activities. Remember that a pocket knife has a sharp blade and with that sharp blade you can do a lot of things with it like get fire wood, sharpen wood and cut things with it. That is why when you are out camping you shouldn’t forget about the pocket knife because it is very needed.
  • Another great thing about the pocket knife is that it is the perfect alternative when it comes to kitchen knives and scissors. Remember that sometimes hard to find the scissors and kitchen knives aren’t something that you can easily bring around though they can be found in the kitchen. That is why if you are always in need to cut something then you can rely on the pocket knife to help you with that matter. The blade of a pocket knife is after all sharp so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • The thing about the pocket knife that makes it very popular among people is that it is very portable for you to carry around. The pocket knife can be place inside your pocket so that in case of emergency you can just take it out and use it without having any problem with it. It isn’t even hard to use especially when you get to use to it that is why if you want convenience then you should know that a pocket knife is something you would need.
  • Also when it comes to the pocket knife the great thing about com is that you can use it to protect yourself when you are walking home alone. It might be small for you but if you show it to your attacker and if you know how to use it then you wouldn’t need to worry about at all. After all even a pocket knife can cause serious damage when done right.

Now you know what the number one item is when you are going camping. This way by knowing that it is the pocketknifegod.comthat is the number one item you should realize that you would need it because of its amazing status. Remember camping can be a hard thing to do even if you enjoy the wilderness. That is why to ensure that you wouldn’t have too much of a hard time you should have your own pocket knife because it will prove useful to you.